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Cookies & Dosist
  • Precise and powerful dose in every 6-second hit.
  • Create, Chill, and Couch terp profiles designed to fit your day.
  • Made with Cookies Strain Specific Live Rosin.

Now available at Cookies and Lemonnade stores in California

create dose pen


Innovation in every hit, curated for creativity.

chill dose pen


Chill sets the vibe for a balanced and relaxing mood.

couch dose pen


Sink into the sofa with Couch, a cushion of clouds in every hit.

Cookies x dosist Create, Chill, and Couch all-in-one vape pens are packed with flavorful, potent, and perfectly dosed premium live rosin pressed fresh from the finest Cookies strains, with absolutely no solvents or chemicals. Find dosist.